Water Damage iphone

iPhone Water Damage

Getting your iPhone or Android phone wet is one of the worst things that can happen to it for a couple of reasons. First, water is one thing that can absolutely make your iphone unusable. Second, liquid damage is not covered by the Apple warranty or other third party warranties so it cannot be replaced for free.

Water Damage: Turn iPhone OFF & Get it to us NOW

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What are my options with a wet iPhone

Even though your iphone may be under warranty Apple will not replace it if there is water damage. In the iPhone there are 4 sensors, two of which you can see. The first visible sensor is the earpiece hole. The second one is located at the bottom middle seperating the connector. If you shine a light on these then look at any of the two sensors, they will have turned pink if the iphone came into contact with water. If either of these sensors is pick apple will not replace the phone.


What are the chances you can save a wet phone?

We can typically fix about 50-60% of the phones that come into us after water damage. The cost of restoration varies depending on the damage done. For $35.00 we can run diagnostics on your iphone to see if we think it can be saved. If we cannot repair the damage then we normally have high quality used iphones that you may purchase at affordable prices. The $35.00 will be applied to the repair cost.

What to do with a wet iPhone

Getting the iPhone to us fast is the key so we can remove the water!
  1. Remove it from the liquid source asap. The longer the phone is submerged in a water or liquid the worse.
  2. Turn the phone off if it’s on. Do not turn the phone on to prevent more damage by frying the electronics.
  3. Dry the phone as much as possible on the outside with a dry towel or cloth to remove visible water.
  4. Try gently applying heat with a hair dryer. Remember your objective it to remove moisture. Do not over heat.
  5. Place the phone in a bag of rice overnight.
  6. Bring the phone to MiPhone Doctor of Austin to see if it can be saved, and if any damage was done. We can remove damage by scrubbing your logic board.

* Listed above is advice only for saving a phone subjected to water damage. This is not a guarantee of success. Water damaged phone that we repair are not eligible for our limited warranty.